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Overheating HELP!!!
by Rubberhead | Today at 10:35:16 AM
Is it possible that you used incorrect head and/or intake gaskets on both engines and they are blocking coolant ports? Grasping at straws here......
Sin City
by oldskool49 | Today at 12:53:09 AM
Thanks Rubberhead. Interesting video....
Good job
by oldskool49 | Today at 12:44:28 AM
His future is stamping license plate's by day and soap boy at night. POS ...
1928 Ford Tudor Sedan project
by miraclepieco | Today at 12:13:05 AM
isn't it ever warm there as you seem to always have a hoodie on? :PHa ha, hoodie is worn to contain hair from getting tangled in things (like creeper wheels) while I crawl under car. Yes, I have stood up with a creeper dangling from my hair  :o  Also hav...
14 bolt chevy gears
by Jeepenstein | July 25, 2014, 10:10:11 PM
Tire height choice optimized first, 4 speed overdrive trans second and gears tailored to bring it all together. I will be running 32" tall tires with a 4R100 (0.71 to 1) trans and 5:25 gears. I can live with 2300 RPM at 60mph. JeffPs you can play here:http://www.cs...
Friday, July 25, 2014 ACTION Friday!
by lowboy | July 25, 2014, 04:20:12 PM
Awsome video 8) looks like fun!...
Today at 12:35:50 AM by miraclepieco
Views: 18 | Comments: 3

Okay folks, this one is going to literally drive me out of the rat rodding hobby. Some of you are familiar with my ongoing heating issues with my '28 Ford sedan.  I have spent thousands of dollars and changed literally every component in the cooling system INCLUDING THE ENGINE!  I have tried 2 radiators, a stock-style 3-row Mustang and a 4-row aluminum.  Two water pumps, a stock and a FlowKooler Hi-Volume. Multiple thermostat changes, starting with a 180, going to a 160 (with an air bleed), and no thermostat at all. I have re-jetted the carb richer. I have tried timing settings from 0 to 18 initial. I have used both a vacuum pump and a Spill-Free funnel to make sure there is no air in the system. I have added a coolant overflow. I have verified that the radiator hoses are not collapsing. I have added Water Wetter. I have tried multiple fan thermostats (yes the fan is blowing the proper direction). Tried new radiator caps from 7 up to 18 lbs. I have verified the gauge accuracy with an infrared laser thermometer. And the problem remains constant - electric fan runs continuously, engine gradually heats up to 230 degrees at which point I shut it down and sit for a half hour.

I am at the point where I must simply sell or part out this car - there is nothing more to be done...  ???  HELP!!!

Oh yeah, for those who don't know, this is a Chevy 350/350 combo. The engine is above the radiator, but it has a filler neck at the high point.  Here's a pic: 
July 25, 2014, 01:35:13 AM by miraclepieco
Views: 42 | Comments: 4

Deuce roadster at speed in the Georgetown, Colorado Hot Rod Hill Climb:

July 25, 2014, 01:26:26 AM by miraclepieco
Views: 30 | Comments: 3

From KAJO radio web page:

Mechanic who victimized car enthusiasts in Grants Pass is waiting extradition from Arizona

An experienced auto-body mechanic who fraudulently stole money and cars from multiple Grants Pass residents was jailed Tuesday morning in Flagstaff, Arizona, and he is awaiting extradition to Josephine County.

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety says in a release that 60-year-old Michael C. Hardy would attend classic car shows and other similar venues and he would promise victims he would restore their vehicles or custom build them vehicles from scratch. He would take cash up front and then would demand additional cash from the victims while he either sold or parted out the victim’s vehicle.

Hardy fled Grants Pass in 2013 and authorities believe he has been perpetrating these crimes in other locations.

Charges pending against Hardy in Josephine County Circuit Court include three counts of first-degree aggravated theft, 19 counts of first-degree theft and one count of second-degree theft.

Posted on 7/24/14 5:30AM by Jared Dill,4&
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